Keepsake Red

It’s “Five Minute Friday” with Lisa Jo Baker!! And the word is RED, & it was hard!


She wore a red dress, and it was sassy and flirty. And daring. And, when he saw it, his eyes lit up.

She kept the petals of every single rose he gave her. In a vase on her dresser, over the years, the bright red darkened to a deep burgundy, and the satiny petals became brittle and crumbly with age. So, she threw them away.

Keep the memories; toss the clutter. Right?

The red dress is no longer in her closet either.

But, sometimes, she remembers that red dress with the matching red high heels. Every girl needs a pair of red high heels, you know.

Of course, she’d never be able to fit into the dress now. Much less have a place to wear it.

But, still, it was red. And it was fun. And she remembers that world with its “everything’s possible” days of dares and dreams and discoveries.

And days became years until that world faded away like the last burning red rays of a sunset. In her rearview mirror.

Sometimes, she looks in the mirror and wonders what happened to that girl in the sassy red dress. So she paints her toenails a shiny, daring, glossy red. ‘Cause even though time and life have changed and shaped her into someone maybe a little different than that girl in the red dress, she knows… she’s still there. And he knows it too.

Today, she glances across a family room littered with toys and books and all the little things that make up today’s world, and, there, on the table beside the loveseat, she sees the sippy cup with the red lid. Half-filled with orange juice because that’s just about all he ever drinks.

This sippy cup with the red lid has lasted through three kids for thirteen years. Tiny little teeth marks decorate the spout.

Thirteen years of strawberries and sippy cups and construction paper hearts and “ketchup is a vegetable” and Santa Claus and ladybugs…

Someday, she’ll put away the sippy cup with the red lid for the last time. And she’ll have to look back in her rearview mirror. Again. And wonder, like everyone does, where did it go?

Her thirteen year old daughter prances across the kitchen as only a thirteen year old girl can, and she asks herself, “When did she get to be so tall?”

So pretty and more confident than she ever was… She’s got daring dreams of her own with the whole world waiting to be discovered.

And there’s a tiny catch in her heart when that thirteen year old girl announces one day she wants to put some red streaks in her blonde hair.

Sassy red. Sippy cup red. Keepsake red.


About wendytate

Wife to a wonderful man, homeschooling mom to 3 great kids, a sentimental romantic, & a Proverbs 31 wannabe. I procrastinate with flair, I'm proud to be southern, & I love anything beachy! My motto: Make good memories. My husband's motto for me: If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. Blessed. Forgiven. Loved. Grateful.
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5 Responses to Keepsake Red

  1. Dang this is freakin fantastic. Just loved every red beautiful delicious word that marked a life and a motherhood and a legacy well lived. beautiful here.

  2. Sherri Phillips says:

    Wendy, Your words so often reflect what is in my own heart, as a wife and mother. Keep up the good work! You have a beautiful family!

  3. Rebekah says:

    l I loved this one too. I wrote about this same thing on my blog similar to your thoughts of “what happened to that girl???” (in the red dress as you put it). The post right after it about Victoria’s Secret it similar. Love reading another “romantic”.

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