The Truth Is…

Even though it’s late, Friday’s not over quite yet… so it’s still “Five Minute Friday” with Lisa-Jo Baker!!

And, tonight, the word is TRUTH. And the truth is, truth matters.


The truth is, we all want to be loved, to feel wanted, to be cared for, needed, supported. To be somebody. To be known.

Sometimes, I feel invisible. Unnoticed. Unneeded. Like an extra accessory that no one would miss and that doesn’t matter.

The truth is, I’ve kinda had that kinda week. The kinda day where you’re left saying, “But, wait a minute! What about me? I was there too.

And then I’m reminded… in little ways, in lovely ways, that I do matter, that I am important, and that there are people who know me and love me. My sister laughs with me, commiserates with me, and understands me. My momma gives a word of encouragement just when I need it and then steps in to help just when I need her. The truth is, they get me. They know me.

And then there’s him. Especially him.

He gets me too. All of me.

He makes me feel beautiful and needed and wanted. Loved. In forever ways.

He knows my truth.

My worries. My dreams. My ambitions. My secrets. My fears. My failures. My triumphs.

He cares about it all. And he loves me. Fiercely. Strongly. Tenderly. Passionately. Steadily.

Even with a tough love when I need it. Like when he makes a dentist appointment for me and takes me to the appointment when I’m scared to death to go. But he holds my hand the whole way. And wears a superhero t-shirt under his shirt on the day of the procedure because he knows. He’s my hero.

He’s there with me and for me and by me.

Teammates. Soulmates. Partners. Best friends. Lovers.

I could write a million and one meaningless words, and he would read every word like it was Pulitzer Prize worthy. Because he’s my greatest fan. He’s my cheerleader. I could cry a thousand tears. I could rant and rave and scream and stomp. And he would still be here. Because he’s staying. He’s not going anywhere. I could plan and scheme a hundred crazy different overdone ideas, and he would be right here, supporting me and helping make every single one of my dreams come true.

I am secure in him. I am loved by him. He touches me, and I know I am wanted.

Like a hot fire on a cold night. Like an umbrella in a storm. Like the string on a wind-tossed kite. He’s my lighthouse. He’s my anchor. He’s my safe place to land.

I matter to him. To other people I may be little, but to him I am big.

He listens, really listens. And he hears me. He asks for my input and thinks I’m smart and even a little witty. He even likes my crazy. Driving down the road, he reaches over and puts his hand on my leg because I am there. With him. And he turns the radio to my favorite song, and together we sing. At the end of a long day, he wraps his arms around me. I’m important to him. And he needs me.

A surprise of not one basket of mums for our front porch, but three, because he knows I like things in sets of three. Fuzzy socks for my cold feet. A full tank of gas in my van. He builds me shelves and tables and mantels. Cooks yummy things for me to eat. Brings me coffee in the morning. Paints my toenails. Holds my hair when I’m sick. Watches “Grey’s Anatomy” with me and pretends to be interested. Helps me search through used bookstores for hours for an obscure book. Plants tropical flowers that will die over the winter and that he’ll have to replant next spring just because the flowers remind me of Florida. Little things. Big things. Special things. Secret things. I am loved, and I am loved well.

The truth is, because he loves me, because he gets me, because he needs me, I can stand a little taller, a little braver, a little prouder. It’s okay if I’m invisible to some people. I am seen by him.

And I am never unnoticed by him. Across a room, our eyes meet, and I see the recognition reflected back in his. He knows me.

The truth is, to him, I am some one. I am known. And I am his. Forever.

Shared tears. Shared laughter. Shared trust. Shared forever.

Our shared truth.


About wendytate

Wife to a wonderful man, homeschooling mom to 3 great kids, a sentimental romantic, & a Proverbs 31 wannabe. I procrastinate with flair, I'm proud to be southern, & I love anything beachy! My motto: Make good memories. My husband's motto for me: If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. Blessed. Forgiven. Loved. Grateful.
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6 Responses to The Truth Is…

  1. Rebekah says:

    Oh, I just looooooooove this! It makes me want to turn off the scary World War Z movie that my husband is watching right now and go cuddle up and give him some love. I am so glad your husband gets you so much. Isn’t it wonderful how we can really see it when we put it into words?

    It is so true. I could be noticed by everyone else, say at church (hubby is a pastor), but if HE doesn’t like my idea or if we aren’t getting along, my whole world feels like its collapsing. But even if no one else gave me a single compliment or whatever, but HE still loved me, well I’d be just fine.

    The Song of Solomon says it well, “This is my beloved, and this is my friend”

    • wendytate says:

      So, so true!! When we’re not perfectly “together,” my world just doesn’t feel right! And it’s so neat (& so amazing) how God puts together the right 2 people – like 2 puzzle pieces, kinda cliché-y, but true! LOL!

      And, go cuddle w/ your husband & watch “World War Z” w/ him – I normally never watch movies like that, but my husband & I watched it together & I actually sorta liked it!

      And, as always, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I don’t know you, but we’re so much alike! 😉

  2. R W says:

    He knows my truth.

    What a beautiful security.

    • wendytate says:

      Yes… as scary as it sometimes is letting someone else “in” & showing that person your truth, there’s also a wonderful security too. He knows exactly who I am, and loves me still & even because of who I am. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Cindi says:

    I truly love this … love that kind of love, friendship, communication … you are so blessed to have a marriage like that.

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